The Center for Plain Language is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. We help government agencies and businesses write clearly.

The Center for Plain Language is run by an elected executive board. Members serve 3 year terms. Elections are held each spring. If you are interested in running for the board, contact Rebecca Gholson (

Board of Directors

Susan Kleimann (View Susan Kleimann LinkedIn profile), Chair (President, Kleimann Communication Group)
Karen Baker (View Karen Baker LinkedIn profile), Vice Chair (Vice President, Mission Initiatives, Healthwise)
Brian Berkenstock (View Brian Berkenstock LinkedIn profile), Corporate Secretary (Content Strategist, Aetna)
Julie Clement (View Julie Clement LinkedIn profile), Treasurer (Principal, J Clement Communications)
Maria Boos (View Maria Boos LinedIn profile), (Group Director, Simplification, Siegel+Gale)
Deborah Bosley (View Deborah Bosley LinkedIn profile), (Principal, The Plain Language Group)
Christopher “Chip” Crane (View Chip Crane LinkedIn profile), (CEO, CPoint Consulting)
Jeff Greer (View Jeff Greer LinkedIn profile), (Digital Content Strategist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)
Joanne Locke (View Joanne Locke LinkedIn profile), (Principal, J. Locke Plain Language Consulting)
Steven R. Rush(View Steven Rush LinkedIn profile), (Director, UnitedHealth Group Health Literacy Innovations Program)
William Ryan (View William Ryan LinkedIn profile), (Supervisory Program Manager at Transportation Security Administration, Office of the Administrator)
Michael Villaire (View Michael Villaire LinkedIn profile), (Chief Executive Officer for the Institute for Healthcare Advancement)
Meghan Codd Walker (View Meghan Walker LinkedIn profile), (Principal, Zuula Consulting)

Executive Director: Rebecca Gholson (View Rebecca Gholson LinkedIn profile), Independent Plain Language Consultant
Deputy Executive Director: Andrea “Deedee” Moxley (View Andrea Moxley LinkedIn profile), Associate Director, Multicultural Resources at The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)