You can support the Center’s work in four ways:


Members receive special pricing on workshops, awards nomination fees, and events. Best of all, they get to show their support of the Center and plain language.

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Join a growing list of organizations in proclaiming your plain language support!

Since 2010, the ClearMark Awards have recognized the best in clear communications from across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our annual Awards ceremony at the National Press Club garners significant media attention and brings together plain language supporters from around the country. For 2016, we’re accepting nominations from across North America, expanding our reach and celebration of the best plain language content.

As a 2016 ClearMark sponsor, you’ll showcase your commitment to plain language and promote clarity for all — at America’s premier plain language event.

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We’re giving one company the opportunity to be the ClearMark Awards Title Sponsor. You’ll receive unparalleled visibility as you broadcast the highest level of plain language support!

Join our Corporate Circle
All donations above $5000 include membership in our Corporate Circle, with a digital badge you can use to highlight your plain language support.

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No matter your budget, we welcome and appreciate all sponsorship contributions. For those below $500, we’ll include the sponsor’s name in the ClearMark program.

Thank you for joining our clarity crusade!

ClearMark Awards Sponsorship (pdf) | Why Sponsor the 2016 ClearMark Awards?(pdf)

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Why do you sponsor the ClearMark Awards?

“Supporting the Center for Plain Language aligns perfectly with our goal to be clear, transparent and understandable in our communications. We became involved with the ClearMark Awards six years ago and have participated in or supported the event each year. It’s a cause we believe in. And being a ClearMark sponsor helps us show that to the world.”
–Jill Griffiths, executive director, corporate communications, Aetna


As a donor, your contribution goes to support our core activities and events, including legislative advocacy, federal compliance reporting, awards and professional workshops.

Donations are 100% tax deductible, in contrast to memberships and sponsorships.

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We are also always looking for a few good volunteers. You can participate in any of our initiatives, including

  • ClearMark Awards
  • WonderMark Awards
  • Blogging
  • The annual Federal Plain Language Report Card
  • Workshop planning
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