Perplexed by legalese? Gobsmacked by gobbledygook? Just tired of forms, benefits explanations and other important documents that are just plain too hard to understand?

WonderMark “awards” draw attention to particularly complex, confusing or just plain bad writing and the companies that produce them. When you speak up, the Center will help you let the offending organization know that their documents are not working.

RoadsignEntry41We’ll post the best of the worst to the WonderMark Hall of Shame. Truly awful examples “win” WonderMarks, and publicity (as bad writing) at the Center’s annual awards ceremony.

2016 WonderMark winners

2015 WonderMark winners

2014 Winners
WonderMark Hall of Shame

Public pressure works! At least one WonderMark winner rewrote the offending document, and has embraced plain writing since the publicity of the WonderMark. And they won a Turn Around Award from the Center, recognizing that effort.

Get involved

The first way to get involved is to speak up!

If you want to help the center review and act on WonderMark experiences, contact Karen Baker.