World Usability Day

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 in Events, News

airline occupied signThe airlines take a lot of guff for how they work – or don’t work.

We can complain about the boarding process. (Cattle in a chute?) And it’s fair to loathe the legroom. (Airlines could make a bundle selling knee-cap insurance). Being disgruntled at having to pay $7.50 for a bag of nuts and a Coke is surely a reasonable complaint, too.

But guess what? When it comes to good usability, Airlines have been doing one thing right for a loooong time.

When you step up to the lavatory, you know, without doubt or hesitation, whether the room is open or occupied. That’s thanks to a very simple mechanism. When you enter and slide the bolt to the lock the door, it slides an OCCUPIED sign on the outside for others to see. That’s brilliant in its simplicity, right?

Compare this to your experience with other public rest rooms. How often have you pulled a door handle, uncertain if someone was in the stall or not? Or maybe you’re a “bender,” peeking down to look for shoes. (Please tell me you’re not an “eyeball creep,” the sort who peers through the door and jam. Ug.)

Good usability and the goals of the Center go hand-in-hand. Let’s all work to make things simpler, easier, faster, better.

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