How did grading work in 2012?

Grades were based on compliance with the Plain Writing Act of 2010. Agencies get points for:

  • Having a webage that describes the agency’s plain language efforts
  • Providing a feedback channel for people to complain about documents that are hard to understand or praise documents that are written clearly
  • Responding  to feedback in a timely matter (including our request for documents)
  • Having a link to the plain language webpage on the Agency homepage
  • Publishing the agency’s Plain Language Plan
  • Naming the person in charge of the plain language program
  • Publishing an annual report describing what they’ve done
  • Training staff to write in plain language

Honor roll or detention?

There was quite a bit of press coverage for the Report Cards.

Agencies that did well got a commendation letter from Congressman Bruce Braley. Agencies that did poorly received strong encouragement to do better next year.

Get involved

Analysis for the Federal Reportcard happens between April and October. To get involved, contact Kath Straub.