Report finds mixed progress on plain language

Federal News Radio (logo) - 1500 AM Report finds mixed progress on plain language The first review since agencies were required to create plans for cutting the “bureaucrat-ese” from their dealings with the public found mixed results at many agencies. The Center for Plain Language, a group that advocates for clear writing in government documents, released a scorecard this week marking agency progress meeting requirements under the 2010 Plain Writing Act. It’s been a year since the Plain Writing Act went into effect — requiring agencies to stop speaking bureaucrat-ese when they communicate with the public and draft their documents and websites in plain english. The results have been mixed, to say the least. That’s according to the first annual scorecard from the leading advocacy group for plain english writing both inside and outside of government. Dr. Annetta Cheek, the chair of the Center for Plain Language, discusses the report card. Broadcast with Jack Moore and posted on the In Depth Interviews blog on July 20, 2012 Listen online at Federal News Radio