deannaAs the volunteer who has co-chaired the Center’s ClearMark Award event for the past 2 years, Deanna Lorianni manages the Center’s premier annual event. Working with board member Meghan Codd Walker, Deanna handles the many details involved in pulling off this exciting, prestigious event. Through her work with the staff at the National Press Club, she makes sure the program does a great job recognizing the best (and worst) in plain language documents and websites. Even more importantly, she makes sure everyone has a lot of fun. The event took on new life when she and Meghan took over.

“I genuinely appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given to contribute to the Center for Plain Language and the global plain language movement,” says Deanna. “The first time my business partner and I attended the ClearMark Awards, we realized that we’d found our ‘people.’ We quickly involved ourselves with the Center for Plain Language in order to stay connected with this community. In the process of co-chairing the Awards, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and celebrate the efforts of many wonderful people who share a foundational belief in a simple — yet essential — value: Clarity for all!”

Deanna is a clarity expert and co-founder of Zuula, providing plain language, writing, coaching, verbal branding and content strategy, with a niche in the financial services industry.

Thank you, Deanna, for giving us an event to look forward to every year.