Clarity comes from the top

Reason number 7,000,002 to embrace clear communication: it’s the key to cultivating a healthy organization. As an entrepreneur, I spend most of my waking minutes thinking about how to set my company up for success. How can I be a more effective leader? Is my team working together?

We’ve experience rapid growth in the past year – which means we have lots of new faces around the office. What better time to clarify our mission, values, and core competencies!?

The time has come…

For me to depart from the Center’s Board. It’s been a terrific 10 years, but I need a rest and the Center needs a change of leadership.

We’ve gotten a lot done since we hosted our first big conference, the Plain International conference in Washington in 2005. We had over 300 people from 17 countries participate. The event set the trend for the bigger and better Clarity and Plain International Conferences we now enjoy…

Low health literacy… It could happen to you

It may be hard to believe that nearly 9 out of 10 adults in our country have trouble understanding everyday health information.

And it’s not always because they have not had much education, are aging or poor, or don’t speak English as their native language. There are so many reasons why people—people like you and me—may have low health literacy.

On the event of Annetta’s “retirement”

In honor of the retirement of Annetta L. Cheek, PhD, Board Chair and co-founder of the Center for Plain Language, an American flag will fly over the U.S. Capitol today. The Center is a nonprofit organization that advocates for clear language in government, business, nonprofits and universities. The testimonial reads: “As she steps down from her …

Dealing with the “dumb down” dinosaur, or how to enlighten the ignorant without losing your job.

It continues to shock me that in the year 2014 I still hear people say, “Oh, you want to dumb down my writing” when the subject of plain language comes up.

My reaction is…